Stray Singles & B-Sides

() Faces
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Código: 7427638


Label:  Warner Bros. Records


Disco pertencente ao box :

Faces ‎– 1970-1975: You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything…

Novo – Não Lacrado (assim como todos os outros discos do box)

A capa é a que está na galeria de imagens.


Track List

Stray Singles & B Sides
I1 Pool Hall Richard 4:26
I2 I Wish It Would Rain (with a trumpet) 4:47
I3 Rear Wheel Skid 4:45
I4 Maybe I’m Amazed 3:40
I5 Oh Lord I’m Browned Off 3:51
J1 You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything (Even Take The Dog For A Walk, Mend A Fuse, Fold Away The Ironing Board, Or Any Other Domestic Short Comings) (UK Single Version) 4:32
J2 As Long As You Tell Him 4:21
J3 Skewiff (Mend The Fuse) 5:17
J4 Dishevelment Blues 4:57