CQ Mythology – Duplo

(2011) The Outsiders
R$ 215, 00


Código: 3552718

Origem:  Netherlands

Label:  Pseudonym

Ano: 2011


Track List

A1 Misfit (Instrumental) 3:22
A2 Misfit 3:15
A3 C.Q. 4:11
A4 I Don’t Care 2:57
A5 Zsarrahh (Instrumental) 3:32
A6 Zsarrahh 3:59
B1 Doctor (Instrumental) 4:50
B2 One, Two Three, Four (Doctor) 3:05
B3 It Seems Like Nothing’s Gonna Come My Way Today (Instrumental) 2:48
B4 You Remind Me 3:03
B5 Daddy Died On Saturday (Instrumental) 3:24
B6 You’re Everything On Earth 4:37
C1 The Man On The Dune (Instrumental) 2:16
C2 The Man On The Dune 2:15
C3 Happyville (Instrumental) 2:30
C4 Happyville 3:07
C5 Do You Feel Allright (Instrumental) 3:06
C6 Do You Feel Allright 3:39
C7 The Bear (Instrumental) 1:10
C8 M.E.Song 3:24
D1 Prison Song (Instrumental) 5:43
D2 Prison Song 5:20
D3 Wish You Were Here With Me Today (Instrumental) 2:03
D4 Wish You Were Here With Me Today 2:19
D5 Space (Instrumental) 2:36
D6 I Love You No. 2 3:26