Screamadelica – Box Set

(2011) Primal Scream
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Código: 2775797

Origem:  Europe

Label:  Sony Music

Ano: 2011


Track List

CD1-1 Movin’ On Up 3:40
CD1-2 Slip Inside This House 5:16
CD1-3 Don’t Fight It, Feel It 6:54
CD1-4 Higher Than The Sun 3:38
CD1-5 Inner Flight 5:01
CD1-6 Come Together 10:25
CD1-7 Loaded 7:02
CD1-8 Damaged 5:39
CD1-9 I’m Comin’ Down 6:01
CD1-10 Higher Than The Sun (A Dub Symphony In Two Parts) 7:38
CD1-11 Shine Like Stars 3:47
Dixie Narco EP
CD2-1 Movin’ On Up 3:47
CD2-2 Stone My Soul 3:02
CD2-3 Carry Me Home 5:16
CD2-4 Screamadelica 10:47
CD3-1 Loaded (Terry Farley 12″ Mix) 5:59
CD3-2 Loaded (7″ Mix) 4:19
CD3-3 Come Together (Terry Farley 7″ Mix) 4:23
CD3-4 Come Together (7″ Mix) 4:54
CD3-5 Come Together (Terry Farley Extended 12″ Mix) 8:02
CD3-6 Come Together (Hypnotone Brain Machine Mix) 5:14
CD3-7 Come Together (BBG Mix) 6:27
CD3-8 Higher Than The Sun (Higher Than The Orb) 5:00
CD3-9 Higher Than The Sun (12″ Mix) 6:43
CD3-10 Higher Than The Sun (American Spring Mix) 6:20
CD3-11 Don’t Fight It, Feel It (7″ Edit) 4:10
CD3-12 Don’t Fight, Feel It (Graham Massey Mix) 4:53
CD3-13 Don’t Fight It, Feel It (Scat Mix) 8:07
CD3-14 I’m Losing More Then I’ll Ever Have 5:10
Live At The Hollywood Palladium
CD4-1 Movin’ On Up 5:05
CD4-2 Slip Inside This House 5:55
CD4-3 Don’t Fight It, Feel It 5:53
CD4-4 I’m Losing More Then I’ll Ever Have 4:45
CD4-5 Damaged 6:41
CD4-6 Screamadelica 6:14
CD4-7 Loaded 8:07
CD4-8 Come Together 8:11
CD4-9 Higher Then The Sun 8:54
CD4-10 Cold Turkey 5:02
CD4-11 No Fun 4:13
LP1-A1 Movin’ On Up 3:40
LP1-A2 Slip Inside This House 5:16
LP1-A3 Don’t Fight, Feel It 6:54
LP1-B1 Higher Then The Sun 3:38
LP1-B2 Inner Flight 5:01
LP1-B3 Come Together 10:25
LP2-C1 Loaded 7:02
LP2-C2 Damaged 5:39
LP2-C3 I’m Comin’ Down 6:01
LP2-D1 Higher Than The Sun (A Dub Symphony In Two Parts) 7:38
LP2-D2 Shine Like Stars 3:47
The Making Of Screamadelica Documentary
DVD-1 Introduction 0:25
DVD-2 Movin’ On Up 2:39
DVD-3 Slip Inside This House 1:40
DVD-4 Don’t Fight, Feel It 4:00
DVD-5 Higher Then The Sun 2:26
DVD-6 Inner Flight 1:27
DVD-7 Come Together 2:57
DVD-8 Loaded 4:55
DVD-9 Damaged 2:20
DVD-10 I’m Comin’ Down 1:09
DVD-11 Higher Than The Sun (A Dub Symphony In Two Parts) 1:08
DVD-12 (a) Shine Like Stars 4:21
DVD-12 (b) End Credits 0:44
Screamadelica: The Videos
DVD-13 Screamadelica 4:48
DVD-14 Movin’ On Up 5:12
DVD-15 Slip Inside This House 4:59
DVD-16 Don’t Fight, Feel It 4:55
DVD-17 Higher Then The Sun 3:39
DVD-18 Come Together 5:57
DVD-19 Damaged 5:34
DVD-20 Loaded 4:17
DVD-21 Shine Like Stars 3:54
DVD-22 Inner Flight 5:10