Slow Grind Fever Volume 3 – YET MORE… Adventures In The Sleazy World Of POPCORN NOIR…

(2014) Various
R$ 135, 00


Código: 6385135

Origem:  Germany

Label:  Stag-O-Lee

Ano: 2014

Track List

A1 Cha Jeyzebel
A2 Yellow Hand
A3 Driftwood
A4 Teach Me How To Shimmy
A5 Nobody’s Gonna Hurt You
A6 Playing Guitar And Missin’ You
A7 Wolf Bait
B1 Wanted For Questioning
B2 Young Girl
B3 Balsa Boat
B4 Valley Of Tears
B5 My Love
B6 I Only Have Eyes For You
B7 Home