The Age Of The Understatement

(2015) The Last Shadow Puppets
R$ 155, 00


Código: 6977065

Origem:  UK & Europe

Label:  Domino

Ano: 2015

Track List

A1 The Age Of The Understatement 3:08
A2 Standing Next To Me 2:18
A3 Calm Like You 2:26
A4 Separate And Ever Deadly 2:38
A5 The Chamber 2:37
A6 Only The Truth 2:44
B1 My Mistakes Were Made For You 3:05
B2 Black Plant 4:00
B3 I Don’t Like You Anymore 3:05
B4 In My Room 2:29
B5 Meeting Place 3:56
B6 The Time Has Come Again 2:22